Thursday, November 09, 2006

It wasn't a dream!

The Dems actually did take back the House and Senate!

Well, it actually wasn't raining today when I woke 10:00. In all fairness, Joey kept me up with his snoring for a good portion of the night. As soon as I got up, I had to rush and get ready for a Mothering playdate. This entailed rushing Tania and her friend, who were deep in play and operating according a schedule. See picture.
They even factored in time to jump on the bed. Well, I actually had to wake Talula up at 11:00, because she was still sleeping!

The playdate was fun. It was in the NE area, way east (to me). It's always so nice to be around Mothering moms, because you can just whip out your boob and it's no biggie. Well, mine are never a biggie, but you get my drift. And it's so fun to see a bunch of babies crawling around and playing together. There were some big kids too that Tania got to play with, but mostly, she hovered around the snack table.

Even the bus ride back was fun! We got to catch the MAX from way out in the Parkrose area to Lloyd Center. It's reall cool to whiz past the freeways during rush hour.

Joey had a field trip today. They went to a cabinet place and then to a specialty wood store. He was home before we left for the playdate, and he brought a friend and six-pack number one with him. By the time I got back, Stumbleina was in full effect.

Tania demanded that we take her to the park since it was finally sunny. We ended up going over to her friend's house, whose parents we have befriended, and watching a movie called "A Day Without A Mexican." It was sort of a funny satire about how much USA actually depends on Mexicans. Joey thinks the acting was horrendous.

We came home and ate nachos, prepared by Joey. And we have been drinking Deschutes Brewery Jubelale, A Festive Winter Ale. It's pretty good. I like the picture on the front. It's a cabin all covered in snow.

Us girls took a warm bath. Talula loves to splash around and Tania has figured out how to make her chuckle by making loud sharp noises. It's hilarious.

Now we're all sitting in our room singing 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat.' Seriously. In medley format.

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