Sunday, November 19, 2006

The rain is back

The bad news is that the rain is back. But the good news is that Talula is feeling 100% better.

I have to say though, rain in the morning gives me such a nice feeling. Snuggling up with Joey and my girls with a delicious cup of coffee and a cozy doesn't get any better.

And I had to make pancakes today. It was a pancake kind of day.

We ventured out of the house today to go to Fred Meyer. They have boots that I wanted to buy. They were on sale, $39.99 marked down from $60, and they are chocolate brown suede with a genuine wool interior. They are so comfy, and they keep my feet warm and dry.

Now, I just need a decent rain-repellent coat. I know which kind I want. I just don't know where I'll buy it from. But I'm pretty sure that I'm the only non-homeless person in this city who wears a $3.00 rain poncho.

We ate lunch at Burger Ville, which is a fast-food place we don't have in Hawaii. I ate a bacon Tillamook cheeseburger and it was friggin' delicious. And sweet-potato fries. Holy crap.

Tania talked with her cousin and her best friend when we came home. Her best friend got a new kitty. Tania wants one so badly. I hope that we can get her one for Christmas. That would be so awesome. I'd like to get one from a shelter that has already been spayed and dewormed and all of that jazz.

I talked with my parents on the phone. They are coming up on Tuesday from the vineyard. We're spending Thanksgiving with them in Vancouver with their friends.

Tania has been reading the comics and cutting out clips of ones that she likes. I wonder what she'll do with them.

At night-time, we just hung out and listened to all of our NPR weekend shows. We ate nachos and just chit-chatted.

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Kranenburg Family said...

Ohhhh... Burgerville... [insert Homer Simpson lip-quivering-drool here]. You gots to get you some Walla Walla Sweet Onion rings, too.