Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hooray, Democrats!!!

I woke up this morning and it was not raining! I think it may have stopped raining for a brief moment in time because the Democrats took back the House. YESSS!!! Hooray for Nancy Pelosi, the first woman Speaker of the House! (Even though it is 2006.) And I'm pretty sure they're taking back the Senate too. I can't believe it.

The Democrats also did well in Oregon. The governor was re-elected, thank God. His challengers were that bastard Saxton, who aside from being a Republican, also spouts the importance of the public schools, blah, blah, blah, but rented an apartment in the good district so his son could go to school there; and, that freak Mary Starrlett, of the "Constitutional Party," whatever that means, since she wants to take away rights, not defend them. She's one of those weirdos who believes that environmental problems are caused by the end times, and not by pollution and overconsumption. Blech!

Also, I was sooooo stoked that Hawaii Senator Akaka kept his seat and that Mazie Hirono got Ed Case's old House seat. Sucker! Ed Case gave up his seat to challenge Akaka and he lost! He's one of those pretend Democrats that curiously has mostly Republican values, and I can't stand the man! I wrote him a letter once in his capacity as House Representative, asking him to vote in favor of a bill that would protect children placed in private institutions. He wrote back saying he would vote in favor of the bill, but he didn't. I've despised him ever since. He should have at least said he'd look into it or something like that, not told me he would and them gone back on his word.

And that's what I have to say about politics today.

Oh! But in Oregon, we voted NO on a bill that would require minors to notify parents before getting abortions. I'm really happy about that. And...the good people of South Dakota voted NO to the abortion ban. And!!! The good people of Arizona voted NO on the gay marriage ban! But...several states still voted to ban gay marriage.

So. It's a good day for Democrats and women's rights, but a mostly bad day for gay Americans. But with more Democrats in the House and Senate, the chances are better that the Federal Marriage Amendment won't pass.

Now. On to other things.

MUST mail out resume and paper to bar people!
MUST clean house!
MUST take Tania to the park today!
MUST make thank you cards.
I want to eat tacos tonight.
Thank you cards. Must do that right now.

Our day:

We woke up around 8:30 this morning. Yay, us! Talula screamed at her toys for a bit. I told her that when your friends make you mad, you don't have to scream at them. Just don't play with them anymore, and find someone else to play with.

Since we went to New Seasons yesterday, we had a smorgasbord of cereals for Tania to eat, so she tried them all out. There's a peanut butter flavored one that's quite delicious.

I sat and cheered at the computer for a while about all the Democrat wins. I swear, I had a skip in my step and a smile on my face all day long. Then I made some pretty cute cards. Aren't they adorable? They're big though. I need to get big envelopes so I can mail them. Tania's being Miss Half-Ass about writing in the ones for her friends. She basically writes, "Hi. Bye." After all my hard work.

Joey came home with some beer to celebrate the big Democrat win, and we ate tuna-cheesemelts.

Then it started raining again! Tania thought there was some sort of conspiracy to keep her away from the park.

But we called her friend to come over, and now she's spending the night here. It turns out that they don't have school tomorrow. Maybe the teachers are celebrating the FRIGGIN' DEMOCRATIC TAKEOVER!!!

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Isin't it AMAZING that we got the House and Senate back?