Saturday, November 25, 2006

Holiday hangover begins

I always get sort of sad around today. Relatives are gone, the house is a mess, the food we have is not half as delicious as Thanksgiving. And then you have to start thinking about Christmas.

I'll think about Christmas 1st will be a good day to start thinking about Christmas. Today...I worry about the house. Lots to clean, lots to clean.

Tania spent last night at her friend's house. I did not okay this, Joey did, but I didn't want to be the bad guy going over there to burst her bubble. I'm okay with her spending the night with my mom, because my mom's like a super-hero. She's a certified lifeguard for cryin' out loud! I've seen my mom do her lifeguard run and dive into the Turtle Bay Hilton pool to save Tania when she walked off the edge and almost drowned at around 18 months old. And Tania has a couple of aunties in Hawaii who I trusted because they had that Mama Bear quality. But I don't know these people well enough, and I'm pissed at Joey for being weasled and I'm pissed at Tania for weasling him. She's almost 8. Maybe I'm being unreasonable. But...ugh.

I had a dream last night that I wanted to weigh Lu. I saw a scale at someone's house, so I decided I would weigh myself, then weigh myself holding get the picture. Well, when I went to weigh myself, I weighed 300 pounds! I was so shocked that I looked down at my body, and sure enough, I was enormous! I couldn't believe that I had doubled my body weight and not even noticed it.

Lu was a pain today. I think she napped for a total of 1 hour all day. Tania kept cracking me up. At one point, she brought Lu to me and said, "Okay Mom, I think she's educated now." I said, "Huh?" She said, "She's happy and she has everything she needs to survive." Warms my heart.

Here's some video of the fam:

Tania had this whole thing going today about Taniatopia, where she ruled the world. I'm too tired to go into it, but she had a whole government worked out that was sort of a cross between a feudal and a socialist system with a generous monarch...if you can imagine that. Here's some video of her blabbering about it:


K said...

i am having trouble viewing your videos... :(

i on't think ou're unreasonable about tania staying at someone's house. it's a big deal!!

Candice said...

The best part of the videos is the delayed sound. Joey gives Talula raspberries (zerberts), but the sound doesn't come until later. So it seems like someone is farting.