Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was Talula's first Thanksgiving today. Sniffle...gobble, gobble!

We went back to the friends' house that we did the bottling at. (See yesterday's post.)

Food was delicious, wine was abundant, children were everywhere. It was wonderful. Here are some pics:

Daddy and Talula

My mom and friends in the kitchen

Chillin' by the turkey fryer

The food line

More food line

My mom loooooves the little ones

Tania delicately cuts her meat...

...and daintily devours it

Talula slept through the meal

Our table...of lunatics

The day ends with dancing
(just don't ask about the cowboy)

It was a really nice holiday. I am so thankful to my parents for spending it with us. They broke a decades-old tradition of spending it at my uncle's home on North Shore, Oahu. We would have been really lonely on this first holiday away from home if they were not here with us.

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Kulia said...

In the Turkey Fryer picture:

Joey: I swear it was amazing her first diaper was so full it was THIS BIG!

Other guys: And you changed it? Is that why we have wives?

Joey: I bet I get laid more then the rest of you guys, for sure.

Other guys: Huh?