Saturday, November 18, 2006

Poor, sick little Lu...

My poor baby is sick today. She slept a lot.

Would you look at the size of those lips?

She has some sort of eye thing. One of them is puffy and it's making her miserable. But, as strange as it may sound to some people, breastmilk in the eye is like an antibiotic, so it's totally helping. She felt a bit better this afternoon.

But you can see that her left eye is a bit red.

We didn't do much today. Joey practiced his guitar. Tania played. They made more paper airplanes and ninja stars.

I found this article about teaching Thanksgiving to kids, so we read it to Tania. I don't know if she fully appreciated it.

We had a nice evening listening to music, chatting, and messin' around.

Lu is keeping me on a short leash today. Gotta go!

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Kulia said...

get better soon Lu!