Monday, November 27, 2006


It snowed today! I don't think I've seen it snow since I was 14 years old. This was Tania's first time seeing it, and Talula's too. Although, Talula won't remember it. It was just a little bit of snow, but we were really excited.

Talula didn't go outside today. She had to stay nice and cozy.

It was wicked cold.

Well, I didn't blog yesterday because I was on strike. My family made me angry with the messing up everything I cleaned and the monopolizing all of my time to do things for them. So Lu and I went to bed around 8:00 p.m. I woke up refreshed. Tania handed me an origami fox with tears drawn on it. She had written on him, "Please make me breakfast." So I decided that the strike was over. I made her chocolate-chip pancakes. Joey had brought home some pancake batter from one of his jobs. She thought the pancakes were "pretty good," but that they had too many chocolate chips. She's not a commie. She's a kid who doesn't have eating restrictions, so she doesn't go nuts over things like chocolate.

She also did this today:

It's her store. Note the gumball machine. It used to have a lot more gumballs in it. The sign on the wall is a map to her friend's house down the street.

Today, I began my serious study for the bar examination. It's really hard to study with a 5-month-old. She wants me to hold her all the time. I have to keep interrupting my train of thought to pick her up. I did the Contracts I series today. I had listened to it before, but quickly realized it was not the sort of thing I would get anything out of unless I took detailed notes. I took 5 pages of notes on 3 hours of lecture. Next, I have to conform it to an outline. I'll get through all 68 or so hours by the end of December. Then, in January and February, I'll listen again, revise my outlines, and go through all of the practice questions. It's hard work, but it sort of reminded me of law a good way. I know, it sounds crazy. There was this one point when I had about 30 minutes left of the last part of the lecture, so Joey poured me a glass of wine. I took a good sip of wine just as he opened the door to go outside. The cold air rushed in, and the combination of that, the wine, and the notes I was taking reminded me of studying for finals. My friend, E, and I would study in the heavily air-conditioned classrooms late at night and toward the end of our session, we'd open up a bottle of wine. I don't know, it just brought it back. Studying with E was one good part of my law school experience.

Well, Lu is sleeping, but you can tell that she hates her Daddy's music. See?

'Til next time. As I get into studying, I may blog less.

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What a great little shop Tania has, so creative!