Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Still freakin' pouring!

It was still raining when I woke up, and hard. Apparently, this is not normal for November in Oregon, and there has been a lot of flooding and landslides because of it.

So we were stuck at home...again.

We decided to make forts today. And thank you cards for some people. We still need to do that.

Yesterday, we made some napkin rings. We decorated construction paper and glued it around an inch section of a toilet paper tube and then glued a leaf to the front. They're cute, if I do say so myself.

We thought we'd have to send Joey to the store to buy groceries today because of the rain. But, behold, the rain stopped, and we were able to take a walk to New Seasons. I even saw some blue sky. I think I get depressed if I don't go to New Seasons for a while.
Our walk was lovely. Tania splashed in some puddles. We stared at some leaves. Joey and I got to talk.

I said that I would write more about the job for which I am applying. It's with Legal Aid. It's part-time. It would be great experience for what I ultimately want to do, which is open a Law Center for Women and Children. The place I want to open would handle a lot of the same types of cases that Legal Aid handles, but it would be different. For one, we'd take cases for people in that bracket just above the one that would qualify them for Legal Aid. We would also take policy cases. For example, we would initiate a lawsuit by a woman against her employer for discrimination simply because we believe in equality in the workplace, and it wouldn't matter what her financial situation was. (That was a poor example, but I've only had one cup of coffee.) We'd also take juvenile law cases, which is an arena that I really want to get involved in. And we'd also take family law and domestic violence cases. Oh, and best of all, we'd help women to set up businesses. So we wouldn't just be pulling women out of bad situations, but we'd be helping them when they want to better their lives. But not in a patronizing way, like Legal Aid sometimes does. As community members, as fellow women.

So anyway, the Legal Aid job would be good experience. But when I think about leaving Talula, my heart hurts and my eyes fill with tears and I want to die.

That's another thing about the Law Center I'll open. People who work there will be able to bring their kids to work. We'll have a playroom, even. And the receptionist will be trained in childcare.

So anyway, Talula. She's four months old and loves, loves, loves me. She can't sit with Joey for four minutes without looking around for me and then frantically yelling if she can't see me. When I cook dinner, Joey has to sit in the kitchen with her so she can stare at me. So I'm having issues with leaving her...even though I haven't even mailed my resume yet, let alone been shown any interest for employment. If it all works out perfectly, I'll get the job, but not need to start until March, after the bar exam, and when Talula is nine months old. It's probably bad luck to talk about a job I'm applying for on a public blog. Maybe I hope I won't get it.

Talula's new thing is screaming at people and toys. She's very pleased with herself when we laugh at her.

Tania wrote me a note yesterday. Not a nice one. She did not like being scrunched up in bed with us. She wanted a better spot, but there wasn't a lot of room. So she went, I thought, to sleep in her own room. But actually, she left a note for me on the toilet, and lied in wait outside the bathroom door for the moment I would find it. But when I got up to use the bathroom, she was already sleeping. The note said:

To Mom
you made
me mad and
if I was
then you
I wud
scwish you
like a bug

Tonight, we're having french bread and brie and wine. I hope Joey comes back home soon. He went to go buy tools.

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