Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Studying for the Bar Exam


-Clean house...check!
-Listen to Contracts I...check!
-Make pumpkin pie...check!
-Call L...check!
-Call E...check!
-Find rain gear...nope.
-Go for walk...too windy.

Goddamnit!!! I had computer issues this morning, but I called my local Qwest assistance person and got the problem resolved. By local, I mean that I had to keep saying, "Excuse me?" because I couldn't understand his presumably Hindi accent. Anyway, all I had to do was delete cookies, delete files, and clear history. Now I'm back in business.

I made Talula some faux baby legs today. I cut the feet off a pair of argyle socks and, voila!

I think they're cool.

Tania played with mud, making chocolate Wonka bars. Then she created a dollhouse. Then she practiced her yo-yo. Then she practiced some of her dance moves. Then she played a game she calls "Soap-a-bar," that I've never heard of. She insists that she didn't make it up.

I listened to my Contracts I cds...very exciting. I read about knitting. I'm going to start soon. Tania and I did some yoga. Tania made me a melted cheddar and turkey sandwich on a potato-sage roll. Holy crap, it was delicious. Tania read some Judy Moody. Joey came home from school and took a nap.

Thus evening, I made a pumpkin pie as practice for Thanksgiving. I made this cheeseburger pasta that's sort of a Hamburger Helper-ish thing, except it's that Annie's brand, so you're supposed to feel really good about it, because it's all organic. Joey is going to bed early.

Tania played video games aaaaall night. Now she's jogging in place. We're going to go read about Medieval history now,

Oh, and I consolidated my student loans today. Yippee!


Jbird said...

Dude, I'm totally stealing your argyle sock idea.

K said...

love te socks!!

Dr. Wagner said...

We have some sock legs for JC. It's pretty cool. And you can get some cheap holiday socks and totally trick out the baby for Christmas!

chasmyn said...

I love the babylegs!