Friday, November 10, 2006


It's cold! It stopped raining for a while, but I think the rain actually keeps things warmer. Of course, now it's raining again.

The house was a mess when I woke up this morning around 8:00. (Yay, me!) I made some coffee and cleaned the kitchen. Much to my delight, Joey woke up around 8:30. (No school on Fridays.) We listened to the Adam Corrolla show together. The dude is funny. You should listen to him sometime. My favorite is when he has this
Phelps lady on his show and has drunk people challenge her to a debate.

Lu woke up around 9:00 and was just ever so smiley and cuddly.

I fiiiiinally mailed my Legal Aid resume and bar application stuff.

I found this paper Tania wrote that maps out all her imaginary fairy and mermaid towns and villages in and around our house. Mr. Tom Goodfellow lives under the table holding our "stareow." Our kitchen is actually a bakery. Our garden is actually a maze. Some shattered glass on the street is actually a beach of seashells. Tania's room is the Fairyland Palace. Our room is Jack Frost's Ice Castle. A ditch behind our house is actually a stream, and our shed is actually Mrs. Merry's Cottage. Isn't she cute? I love the way her mind works.

I remember playing with my little brother when I was a kid. I was big on pretending to be a Native American. I have no idea why. But we had this area at the beginning of our driveway that would always turn into a giant puddle when it rained a lot. We would pretend it was a lake and that we lived behind this tree near the lake. We'd spend a good part of the day gathering these little berry things and pretending we were trying to gather our food for the winter. You have no idea how happy it makes me that Tania plays these imaginative games too. I think a lot of creativity in children today has been lost to school and "learning" activities.

Today, we wanted to go to the Japanese Garden at Washington Park. It's right near the Rose Test Garden that we went to a while ago. It was free today, for reasons that I don't know about. Tania asked if they would have musubi there. But alas! It's raining. So we're not going after all. Another day.

Joey cooked turkey bacon, eggs, and toast. Talula napped. And Tania finally woke up at 11:00. Well, she did stay up late with her friend Wednesday night and they woke up really early Thursday morning to get some more playing time in.

Tania had two friends over to play, and only God knows what all those thumps and thuds were coming from in her closed-doored room.

I practiced whistling for a while. Lu was very entertained. I still can't do loud fingers-in-mouth whistling. I wrote in my journal. After Tania's friends went home, I read her some Story of the World, Volume II, per her request. It was about the Ottoman Empire taking over Constantinople and renaming it Istanbul.

Tonight, Joey's friend came over. She just moved out here from Phoenix, his hometown.

I'm tired, and I think the weather is depressing me. I wore my pajamas all day.

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