Sunday, November 12, 2006

Talula's a Maniac!!!

<---Does it get any better than this? My handsome, bearded husband playing on his guitar a song that he wrote for me. (Tania's family portraits in the background aren't half-bad either!)

Holy crap! Talula is a freaking maniac! She woke up five times last night to boob. She's been wiggling and flailing about all day long. She's been chattering, yelling, screaming, and shrieking. She's been rolling over and over again. She's almost sitting up all by herself, and I'm sure it's because she's built so much muscle from all the flailing.

Ack! She's stressing me out. I feel like this is somebody else's baby. My baby is calm and collected. She naps in her sling, wakes up, coos a bit, nurses, plays with some toys, naps again. This baby is not the same baby I knew a week ago. I feel like she's possessed.

Well, we did not do much today. Actually, Joey did a lot. He went to two of his jobs today.

I read some books to the girls, did a bit of cleaning, and baked the most delicious cookies: Oatmeal, walnut, and date cookies. Yum.

Oh! I wanted to write about how unschooling is fiiiiinally paying off. Tania finally feels free to learn things. She wouldn't touch anything schooly for months. Now, she's using reference books to look up stuff she wants to learn about. This may not seem like such a big deal, but trust me - it is. Before she went to school-school, she was very curious and loved to learn about everything. But after she had been in school for a while, she wanted nothing to do with schooly stuff on her free time. If we could learn something, she wasn't interested. When we stopped going to school, I tried to "do school" with her at home and she totally resisted. So I decided to stop. I held my breath and crossed my fingers. And I think the curious child in her has come back to us.

At night time, we ate omelettes. Joey played the guitar for us. He wrote me a really pretty song. Tania read us a story called Spider Woman. It's not like Spider Man. It's more of a mythological tale about the origins of the world.

Miss Maniac fell asleep in the bathtub tonight. I guess she wore herself out with all the screaming and flailing about.

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Licketysplit said...

Right there with you...Harper has been replaced by a new baby. Teeth? Development? Stolon Tiki idol? I don't know!